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    Issues getting Liebert devices to alert when rebooted.


      I was just reaching out to see if anyone else has ran into an issue like this.

      I have two alerts and both are failing to alert me when the condition is met.

      First alert is set to alert me when Last Boot has changed. So I test fire the alert and it works just fine. So I got and reboot the Liebert CRAC unit and everything goes fine and the web site event viewer shows the unit rebooted and the node details show the last boot time has change but no alert ever fires off.

      So I do a custom poller for the sysUpTime MIB. I get the MIB polled and everything is displying correctly on the web site. So I build an alert to let me know when Up Time resets to zero. So now I have two alerts watching my Liebert Cooling unit and I reboot it and still no alerts fire off.

      All the conditions were met I double check to make sure the alert was on.

      I have never worried about alerting on reboots before since the event viewer track them already. But Management wants an alert now for some reason. Has anyone had luck alerting when Last Boot has changed?