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    New Devices in My Network

      We just upgraded to ipMonitor 10. Now when we add new devices they appear at the bottom of the list in "My Network" on the Devices tab. They used to only appear in "All Managed Devices" if we didn't select a specific group. It's just starting to look messy and we can't move the devices to "All Managed Devices". You are forced to choose a group. Does anyone know how to fix this?


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          I was looking for this too.  The fix that worked for me was, if you upgraded to v.10, then you likely have a group called 'Upgraded: [date]'

          Move your new monitors into that group & all will be well.  :)

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            Hi Scott,

            This behavior will be changed a little in the next release in order to give you back the ability to not create the Device in any group (other than "All Managed Devices" of course).

            The workaround now is to simply highlight all the Devices from the "My Network" list and click "Delete -> Remove from Group".  The Devices will then be removed from the "My Network" group, but will obviously remain in the "All Managed Devices" group.

            Hope this helps.

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