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    New to Orion NPM


      I am new to Orion and in general to network monitoring / management.

      I have been reading / testing various tools for network  management.

      HP procurve manager, Observer, Whats up etc and obviously NPM is the one out of them and it looks the best of all.

      But i am consfused about few things..


      1. what are these terms suppose to mean

      NETWORK WIDE AVERGAGE UTILISATION (It is at 200,000%) which i dont think is normal

      sometimes when i check it is betwene 10-20% which sounds right, but what is this a measure for? is it good or bad? could someplease shed some light

      we have been monitoring our network for 10 days, i know we need to di it for longer but ...

      i just want to weather we are on the right track..

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          Andy McBride

          Hi rucky,

          Network  wide utilization is the average over all circuits being managed. It should never be >100%. In fact, it should never be near 100% at all. There may be some high speed interfaces on your network with NPM using 32 bit counters. This can cause ludicrous results when the counters roll. High speed interfaces (>10Mbps) should use 64 bit counters where possible.  

          Overall the lower that number the better. It means you have available bandwidth. The real value of that number is disputable as you could have several critical interfaces pegged at 100% and still have a low overall number.

          I was consulting on a NOC once and the CFO of the company saw the overall network utilization at ~15% and blew a fuse. He wanted this fixed and the network up to 100% utilization immediately! A test of my consulting-speak skills.