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    Telnet/Putty Access

      I'm trying to use the built in telnet/putty utilities, but because my network restricts access to our Routers/Switches via ACL, I thought I'd be able to add my Solarwinds server to these ACL's to gain access, however it appears these utilities use my desktop IP Address to connect and not the Solarwinds server. This means that I would need to add everyone desktop IP addresses instead of just the Solarwinds server.

      Is there any way I can configure Solarwinds Orion 9.5 so that when Solarwinds users try to connect to the End Points they connect using the Solarwinds IP and not their desktop IP.

      Thanks Pat

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          Given the nature of such things...  probably not.  How are your network admins/"users" connecting to routers/switches now?

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              Currently, users log into a group of dedicated support servers which have their IP addresses granted to all our Routers/Switches. It just would of been nice to be able to use the shortcuts in Solarwinds, so that if we see a problem we can go directly to the device rather than log into another server to gain access.

              Thanks for your interest