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    Post your Solar Winds home page

      I figured it would be fun to share a screenshot from the home page of our local Solarwinds setup, and invite others to share so we can see what all is out there.  Out home page is dominated by a weather map.  I saw that a few other people have invented the weather network map, and shared them on the content exchange.  But, ours does have one fun thing that I haven't seen on anybody else's.

      Our live weather map downloads forcasts for each site's zip code and adds in a forcast icon so we can see exactly what is supposed to happen there for the next few hours.  It also has a live clock for each site, so we never have to remember whether or not Indianapolis is in the part of indiana that does daylight savings, etc. 

      There are probably older threads about this subject, but I can't seem to find them.  Maybe search is acting funny as they tinker with the forum.  Anyhow, I look forward to seeing what some of the rest of you guys have as unique additions to the basic home page.