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    Advaced alerts on Custom pollers



      I created a new custom poller monitoring a specific OID in IronMail devices ( I assigned several nodes to this custom poller.

      I would like to create an advanced alert which writes into a logfile when the value returned by this OID is greater than 1000.

      For that I created the trigger condition as below:

      The trigger Action writes into a logfile: ALERT: IRONMAIL_cTQueueLevel is greater than 1000 on ${NodeName}. Current value is: ${CustomPollerStatus.Status}

      The issue is that the message is written for all nodes assigned to this custom poller, not only the one concerned by this alert...

      How can I solve this issue ?



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          If you are saying that you only want this alert to apply to one node you can add an additional condition that says {Node Name} is equal to {the node you are concerned with}.

          Hope this helps.

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              Thanks for your answer, but it is not what I want.

              Imagine I have 100 devices assigned to this custom poller. When one device is concerned by this alert, I would like to have a message saying that the value is greater than 1000. Currently, I have 100 messages (one per device and not one per trigger condition).

              Hope it is more clear.

              Thanks for you help.