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    Cisco Aironet with VXWorks - Login Failed

      I am attempting to use Kiwi CatTools to backup our 9 Cisco 1200 Series APs running VXWorks. This is my first real world encounter with VXWorks and I am having trouble getting CatTools to download the configuration file from the devices.


      Current setup for the device is:

      Device Info

      Device Type: Cisco.Wireless.Lan

      Model: Other

      Connect via: Direct connect

      Method: Telnet

      Port: 23



      Username prompt: admin

      Password prompt: password


      The username and password are correct as I can telnet into the device and get the command prompt however, every time I attempt a backup of the running config it fails stating that "Login to <access point> failed."


      What am I missing here?

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          Are the prompts case sensitive and is there a colon at the end of "password"?

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            If you can create a device capture for me I will look into the file to see if I can spot the problem. A device capture file records the communication between CatTools and the device you are having trouble with. You can create a device capture file as follows :

            # Use the CatTools File menu to select the "Enable capture mode" option.
            # Run the activity you are having trouble with. This should create a debug file in the \Debug folder.
            # Zip up the resulting file and send this to me as an attachment.
            # Remember to deselect the "enable capture mode" option again.

            Please ensure that you *** out any sensative information.

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                Really old post, I know. I got frustrated by the whole thing and gave up. I really want to get this working, here is what you were asking for...


                <NEWSESSION Kiwi CatTools 3.4.0 3/16/2010 4:15:19 PM>
                <DEVICE TYPE=Cisco.Wireless.Lan>
                <ACTIVITY TYPE=Device.Backup.Running Config>
                <ACTIVITY SCRIPT=C:\Program Files\CatTools3\Scripts\Client.Device.Backup.Running Config.txt>
                <USERS NAME FOR DEVICE=WAP1>
                <C OK 4:15:19 PM><R-4:15:19 PM>[10][13]<R-4:15:21 PM>[08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08]                           [08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08][08](Auto Apply On) ^R, =, <ENTER>, or [Link Text]: