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    required disk i/o performance - anyone got figures?



      Hi there,


      this might be a question for SW development, but i am wondering what performance measurement data you might have on the number of i/o operations that are required depending on the number of elements you have, running at default polling intervals (i.e. interfaces polling for both traffic and errors, every 2 minutes, and the same for volumes etc).

      I am trying to iron out performance issues, and it is likely the one thing that might bring Orion to its knees, is that there is no storage mechanism fast enough to deal with a scaled up solution (i have 5 pollers, all will be populated with 5k+ elements by the time i am done)

      if you are looking at a SAN solution, a HP msa1500 will do 30k i/o’s  , a good HP EVA will do 150k i/o’s  (which should around performance of a good integrated raid solution direct in the server)


      Orion is horrible with its database efficiency which i know is being worked on, but this would be a good metric to measure future versions against...  i would be happy to work with SolarWinds on this as i have a fairly hefty install, that is performing so bad, i have got other tools doing the critical monitoring now...