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    Fast Polling Interval/Status Warning (Network Performance Monitor 9.0.7)


      We are running the Network Performance Monitor 9.0.7 (part of Solarwinds Engineer's Toolset v10) to monitor the status of our client's networks. We simply receive an email if a network (or a node on the network in this case) goes down. Up until now we been using the Network Monitor to do this since so far only one person have been receiving these emails.  Now some of our customers have requested to be copied in on these emails so we have had to switch to the Network Performance Monitor since the standard Network Monitor doesn't seem to be capable of sending different status reports for different nodes.

      The Network Performance Monitor is great and it does everything that we want it to do. The only problem is that it seems to be impossible to increase the "fast polling interval" above 600seconds. In the Network Monitor we used to have the nodes fast polling for 30 minutes before they were treated as "down". This was good for us as many of the networks we monitor as a bit unreliable and we don't want to know about every single outage. In the Network Monitor we were simply notified if there was a big outage since a network was not considered down unless they had been out for 30 minutes or more. In the Network Performance Monitor the largest fast polling value you seem to be able to set is 600 seconds (10 minutes) which is not enough.

      To give an example, this past weekend we had both the Network Monitor and the Network Performance Monitor running and reporting outages for the exact same networks/nodes. I received 130 emails from the Network Performance Monitor but less than 10 messages from the Network Monitor because the outages were less than 30 minutes long.

      Has anyone got an idea of how we can solve this issue? At the moment we are looking in to just using auto-forward on the email we receive from the Network Monitor based on which networks it sends reports about but obviously it would be a lot nicer to just use the Network Performance Monitor if we were able to increase the fast polling interval.

      Any help appreciated!


      Marcus Jansson