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    How to edit device properties?


      Is there a way to edit the properties of the devices, like is possible with monitors?  I understand that there is not a way to do a bulk edit, but even editing directly doesn't allow access to all properties (like FQDN).  From what I can tell there isn't a way to export/import devices.  I can tell that there are additional properties that show when using the "Popup XML", but not sure how to edit it either directly or to import the modified XML.  The administrator guide and other resources don't seem to address this.


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          Hi  Stringy,

          Here's how:

          1. Go to "Devices" tab.
          2. Click "All Managed Devices".
          3. Select the Device you wish to modify.
          4. Click "Edit -> Properties".
          5. Change the "Property Refresh Policy" value to "Keep old values on rescan".
          6. Now change the different fields as needed and click OK.


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