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    Switchport Mapper - MAC address in capitals

    Craig Le-Butt


      We're using v9.2.  The problem we have is the scan works but no IPs are filtered in to the fields.  What I've found is that the MAC Address when descovered are in capitals.  When I try to find a MAC address in capitals on the 3750s or 6500s this doesn't work, seems it has to be in lowercase.  Is there any way of chaging switchport mapper to populate the fields in lowercase, this may start to populate the IP address then.



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            I'm interested in seeing this fixed as well. It is rather silly to have this in CAPS when the Cisco device neither reports it nor recognizes it that way.


            Copying / pasting the MAC from the Switchport Mapper into the Cisco command-line (for purposes of ARP lookup, etc) is also useless when this is in caps.


          When will this be fixed?