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    Stat Holidays

      In my setup I have a number of alerts of a number of diff devices.  In these alerts I have 3 times specified for the alerts to trigger.  7-5 mon-fri 5-7 mon-fri and 12-12 Sat and sun.  This way I have coverage to the appropriate people duing the appropriate hours.  What this does not cover is stat holidays. 

      What will happen is let's say Friday is the day off and a critical device goes down at 2pm.  According to the setup I have built someone on the Business hours mailing list would be notified.  This will not do as they'll out of the office.

      So remedy this I am having to create a new custom true/false property and then create a new alert for every exisiting alert I have now.  The new alert, in the trigger condition states if x is down and it's part of x group and Stat is equal to true then alert.  I then have to go into every existing alert and create a suppresion for it not to fire if Stat is true.

      Now when a stat holiday comes up (Next week) I will have to manually change the custom property from False to True.

      I would like to see a feature that would make this process easier as I don't believe that I am alone in this setup.

      Thank you.