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    How universal device pollers display in APM node detail pages

      Is it possible to have a UDP display in a table format, but instead list two columns with many rows?  The current behavior is to have a title value basically, and then list multiple additional columns with 1 row total showing values of those columns.  Instead, I want two columns total, with multiple rows.  As an example, I currently list for each node a UDP that states the manufacturer of the server, it's service tag, the version of bios it is running, the version of firmward on it's DRAC and RAID cards, etc etc.  These values are all displayed horizontally on one line--a table with 2 rows, but with 9 columns.  Instead, I would like a table with 2 columns and 9 rows.  Right now the end-user has to scroll right/left to see all the information.  I'd rather just have the end-user scroll up/down because it looks cleaner.

      I imagined that this should be easy...but I've been messing with it for a few hours and can't figure out how to do it.