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    Unknown Interfaces


      I'm having issues with many interfaces coming up unknown. Mainly on my 6500 Cisco Chassies. I've opened tickets with Solarwinds and sent diagnostics. No one could figure it out. I made changes like they suggested in my polling and no change. They recommended I upgraded to 9.5 to see if that did anything. I upgraded and still having the same issue. Trying to re-open my ticket but hoping someone else may have run into the same issue and has advice on what I should do.



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          In my case, when an unknown interface showed up. I just "list resources" to rediscover the interfaces again, check all the interface I want to monitor, click submit. then "poll now" again. Then, after a few minutes, the rediscover interfaces will show as green, yet unknown interface still exists, I've verified that it is now UP upon rediscovering it, so I delete those unknown. The problem was the history of those interfaces are deleted also.

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              All of the unknown interfaces in my environment are either duplicates of actual interfaces on devices or are "Unknown" because SNMP has failed at some level.

              I have no idea why the duplicates show up.  Granted I have never been too concerned with it.  I just wanted to add my situation to this thread.