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    HP ProCurve 2910al-24G-PoE+ Switch (J9146A) and NTA 3.5 compatibility?


      Hi there,

      We're planning on the purchase of the mentioned HP Switch. As far as the sFlow-compatibility, the specsheet mentions "RFC 3176 sFlow". As fas as I know, RFC 3176 defines sFlow version 2 to 4, and SolarWinds Sales tell me that NTA only support sFlow v5.

      What can anyone tell on the sFlow-compatibility of this HP Switch range? Will it work with NTA?

      For the record, this is the link to the specs: http://www.procurve.com/products/switches/HP_ProCurve_2910al_Switch_Series/overview.htm#J9146A.

      Thanks in advance!

      Regards, Rene