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    Orion NTA 3.6 BETA available - sign up now


      We'd like to offer all customers on maintenance the ability to get a sneak peak and provide feedback on what we're working on.   The NTA 3.6 BETA build is ready to go!

      You may sign-up for the beta here

      PLEASE NOTE:  Sign-up requires valid SW customer ID and active NTA maintenance

      As noted in OLD - what we're working on, here's what's in the NTA 3.6 BETA:

      • Customizable Rate-Based Charts
        • Choose between rate (Kbps), percent interface speed, percent of total traffic, or total transferred per time unit
        • Choose between stack charts or line charts
      • Advanced Application Mapping
        • Use IP address(es) or ranges in combination with port(s) to define an application
      • IP Address Group Enhancements
        • Create IP address groups that include multiple ranges and IP addresses
      • Improved Performance and Usability
        • Top Talker Optimization - optionally capture flows representing the top 95% of total network traffic to dramatically improve database performance
        • View CBQoS data in interface detail views without having to enable NetFlow on source interfaces
        • Find settings more easily with new NTA admin area reorganization