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    Solarwinds config file backup not working


      When i try with download configs from my network, when using this tool it's not working properly, it shows transfer failed no configuration information  avaliable on router.

      Properly installed TFTP Server, :: TFTP server Status Started.

      I tried both Engineer Edition & NCM also but not yet got download the  configs file.

      Normally we connect throu VPN to customer network, i was put the VPN ip address to the TFTP Server address.

      For example. My company network : if i connect to VPN to customer network  i got so i used to give the TFTP Server address its failed to retrive the config files from customer network, at the same time i can able to ping and telnet to those devices, Please do the needful help



      Hari.M CCIE#22157 R&S