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    aggregate utilization feature request NPM


      I would like to see the ability to show aggregate utilization for multiple WAN interfaces across multiple devices both for live views and reports.  What I mean by this is, if I have a MPLS WAN interface on one router and I have another MPLS (or GRE Tunnel) on another router, I would like to be able to set up a chart that aggregates the two transmit and receive bandwidth utilizations together.  In other words a chart that shows Transmit aggregate utilizaition and receive utilization.  Not only that the virtual aggregate should be able to accept up to about 10 interfaces to aggregate together.  We've got some financial types that want to know the total bandwidth available at a location and the total actual utilizaition across that aggregate bandwidth. 

      I sort of invision this happening by having NPM allow the creation of a fake vitural interface and then allowing the user to pick the real interfaces assigned to it, up to some finite number.  From that point on the database would then treat it as a real interface and all the existing dashboards, reports, and maps could use it.