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    Advanced alerting complex conditions request for assistance


      OK, so basically I just want 1 email if one of my sites goes down since if the router or ISP is down, so is everything else, however I still want to get alerts if a node at the site goes down, i.e.:

      At the site there is 1 router, 1 switch, and 1 server. I want to be notified if the server goes down. If the switch goes down I just want the alert for the switch (since the server is also down I don’t need that alert). If the router goes down I just want that alert since the switch and server are behind the router.

      So far this is what I have setup:

      Trigger Alert when all of the following apply:

          Node status is equal to Down

                   Trigger Alert when any of the following apply

                             City is equal to <city name>

      Yes I have the same City name for all the nodes within that site. With this config I get alerts if any of the nodes are down.

      I'm fairly new to SolarWinds so any help is appreciated!