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    Monitors created in wrong device


      Using ipMonitor 9.05, when I create a new device that happens to have the same Windows computer name as another device already in ipMonitor, the monitors get created in the original device.  For example, due to restrictions with third party software, we have several managed customer servers with the same exact Windows Netbios name.  I can create the first device just fine, as well as the monitors.  However, when I attempt to create the second device, even though it's on a completely different IP and uses a different SNMP string, the monitors for that second device get created under the first device.

      Bug?  By design?  Upgrade?

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          The behavior your seeing was by design to avoid creating duplicate devices when rescanning. In this case you could simply create new devices via the "Add new Device" as it allows you to enter the address and the desired name and then you can skip the scanning by checking "Add device immediately without scanning".  Then you can select this device and add new monitors as needed.

          Hope this helps!