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    Physical Memory Gauge


      On Windows servers the provided MEMORY gauge is useless for us. This gauge takes the Physical and Virtual Memory on a server and maps the % used to this gauge.

      I would like to see an option for just a physical memory gauge. This would be under the Add Resources to Nodes Details under the option Node Gauges - Real-time node gauges for a NPM.

      We have found this gauge useless and have removed it, so only CPU is showing.

      We monitor the physical memory element and we want this element to be displayed as a radial guage next to CPU. 

      If you need a screen shot I will provide

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          Have you looked at creating a UnDP to monitor only what you are interested in and show as a gauge?

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              I have been looking at the OID, but an unable to locate what I am looking for.

              I want to accomplish this:

              I want to turn the Physical Memory "Disk Volume" into a Radial Gauge like CPU. The provided Memory Gauge is usless to me, since it includes VM + PM. I want a Radial Gauge for Physical Memory only.

              How is Orion pulling the Space used value? I can not locate anything related to memory free or used in the MIB for my servers.

              I would be happy using the UnDP to create the Gauge, but I can't locate the data to create the Gauge.

              Is there a way to create a gauge based upon the SQL data? If not, how about giving us that option.

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                    OID = hrStorageIndex = 


                    OID = hrStorageType = 


                    OID = hrStorageDescr = 


                    OID = hrStorageAllocationUnits = 


                    OID = hrStorageSize = 


                    OID = hrStorageUsed = 


                    OID = hrStorageAllocationFailures = 


                    OID = hrProcessorLoad


                    OID = hrMemorySize


                    OID = hrSWRunPerfMem:


                  Is this what you are looking for?