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    Missing data for an element - what are the possible reasons?


      I have been asked by my CIO to figure out why various resources stop collecting data for random periods of time.

      I have an answer for the 2 small gaps on the E: drive. One was related to the Orion 9.5 upgrade that went wrong and the other is when the orion server crashed.

      The screen shot is from the same server. As you can see data was collected for E: statistics, but not for physical memory. I am unable to explain the large gap on the physical memory for this server. We don't review every server until our custom Month-End VBS script gathers all the graphs and posts the PDF's out to the ORION server.

      I need to explain to him the possible reasons for the gap.

      I have another server that I am seeing the same gap on, but for a different date range.