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    Upgrading from NPM 8.5.1, NTA, and Cirrus 4.0 to Latest Versions


      Hi,  I'm working with a customer to upgrade their Solarwinds apps to the latest and I'm having a hard time.  I hope this is not too much information:

      They currently have the following Solarwinds products on one application server:

      • Orion NPM version 8.5.1
      • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version
      • Application Monitor version 8.5

      A separate SQL 2000 Standard Edtion Server contains the NPM database

      On another separate server:

      • Cirrus Configuration Manager version 4.0
      • SQL 2000 Standard on the same server for Cirrus

      What I want to do is as follows:

      • I have a new application server and a new separate database server.
      • The database server is installed with SQL 2005 Standard
      • I want to install the current versions of the production software that we have; and then upgrade them up to the latest of all applications except App Monitor
      • In the end, NPM, NTA, NCM will be on the same (new) server.
      • I will abandon application monitor (for now at least)
      • I will install a newly purchase IPAM on the new application server as well.
      • I want to keep my production servers active and in tact until the very end and just change the IP addresses of the new server to be what it was on the old server (then retire the old server)

      So basically, they can't have any downtime of the current implementation until all upgrades are done.

      Here is what I have done so far:

      • Acquired two new servers, one application server, one database server (both with adequate system resources)
      • Worked with customer services to download the following:
        • NPM v8.5.1
        • NPM v9.1
        • NTA v3.1
        • NCM v5.0
        • NCM v5.1
        • NCM v5.5
      • Worked with customer services to get a license for NPM 8.5.1 for the new application server.

      I had my DBA copy the NetPerfMon and ConfigurationManager databases from the current production servers to the new future database server.

      However, I have run into a problem. NPM 8.5.1 installs on the new application server, and the license that customer service provided works.  However, the configuration wizard blows up when it tries to connect to the database on the new server with an unhandled exception:

      [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot open user default database. Login failed.

      I have the database set to Windows authentication, just like the production one is. I am logged in as the user that has the permissions to modify the database.

      Is it a problem that I am trying to install NPM 8.5.1 on SQL 2005, rather than the original SQL 2000?  It is in compatibility mode.

      I sure would appreciate any advice.  I've been arguing with this for several days now.