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    Feature Request - Native HPUX Cpu / Memory / Disk Support


      Since HP does not use standard MIBs and instead uses their own version within their own OIDs, add native support to change the CPU/Memory Gauges and Disk Volumes to use their OIDs.

      I have this setup as UDPs with transforms to calculate the percentages, and tabular UDP to displace drive space, but it would be nice to see it native as the charts are much more well defined, and disk volumes are treated as individual items for history recording.

      This is due to restrictions of changes made to the HPUX boxes we have since they are mission critical systems and changing SNMP on these boxes to Net-SNMP would not happen.

      I know this is a long shot, but since your making exceptions for VMWare monitoring using their custom API to display information, I figure why not ask for you to do the same with HPUX boxes.