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    Feature Request - Program / Orion Universal Device Poller


      A Couple of Feature Requests for the UI of the program.

      1. Add a refresh function (F5) to reload the data instead of exiting and re-loading the program
      2. When listing the items under "All Defined Pollers" in the main UI (and other areas which show pollers listing), expand apon the grouping and break it out one more level to Pollers and Transforms like is done when you apply both to a node/interface. IE, Expand "Example" group and you would see Pollers/Transforms groups to expand.
      3. Alternative to 2, when defining a Group to place the Poller/Transform in, the ability to use a "\" to specify a new subgroup.
      4. When adding a New Transform, in the UI when you click on AddPoller, instead of blasting all the poller names, change that to a dynamic group list that follows how you defined the pollers by group so you can more easily add pollers to formulas.