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    Error Message while downloading free tftp server

      I have tried multiple time to download the free Solarwinds TFTP server software to my desktop pc. I keep getting the same error message when I try to run it:

      Error 1327.Invalid Drive:F:\

      Any clues?



        • Re: Error Message while downloading free tftp server

          hodoj - When exactly do you get this error?  When trying to download, or running the downloaded installer?

          Do you have a drive F:?

          If it is when you are downloading, you would want to look at the download folder path for the browser to make sure it is not set to F:\*.

          What is your temp drive set to?  When the installer first runs it will extract a bunch of files to your temp folder. If it was set to F:\temp and it did not exist, you could get a message like this...