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    tab order?

      Does the tab ordering in various orion applications mystify anyone else?   It seems atleast one (if not several) dialog(s) in every application has a tab order that totally defies my understanding.  And it's been this way for the last 2 major versions.   Am I just misunderstanding the logic or is this a bug?


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          Can you be a little more specific as to what are you seeing and what the problem is?

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              With pleasure.  This is the tab order from the advanced alert editor, creating an (email) trigger action.   (note:  by "tab order", I refer to what happens when using the tab key to navigate between elements).

              As I recall this is one of many (dialogs with this issue) -- although I could be mistaken.   The problem is....  it makes inputting data (with the keyboard), at any speed other than slowly, problematic.   This might seem small -- but (as I said) it's been an issue for the last 2 major versions.  Just thought I'd see if this has been messing with anyone else.