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    Edge router showing as down when it's not.


      Have an edge router that goes out to the internet I want to monitor.  It's on the other side of a PIX.

      I have configured the PIX to allow UDP SNMP traffic from my monitoring server through it to this router.

      Orion found the router in question.  It correctly identifies which ports are up and which are down.  It's showing transmission rates on my serial interfaces.  It knows the version, the IP, everything.  It, however, states packet loss at 100% when this is not the case.

      The router is up.  Orion says the node is down.  I need to correct this so that A) it's not showing as down and B) I can be assured it's polling what I want it to monitor. 

      Doubtful I'm the first one that's run into this.  What can I do to make this work?  Gracias