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      I have a problem that can hopefully be answered easily. I have all monitors setup as part of single devices, and each device has a ping dependency. However, when a system is rebooted we receive alerts for all monitors belonging to the device. It seems that even though there is a dependency on the ping, it is not limiting alerts to just the dependency monitor. Any insight is appreciated.

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          Hi OTD,

          Make sure the Ping Monitors (or any Dependencies) are set with timing settings at half of what the Members are using.  In other words, if the Device Members are testing every 300 seconds, set the Dependencies to test every 150 seconds.  This way, the Dependencies will fail and reach a Down state before the members.

          That should help.


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            Good evening, I use Whatsup Gold, and there is dependence between the monitors, to save bandwidth, a monitor is not tested if another is UP, there is this feature?