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    Issue with WAN Latency Alarm


      I am having an issue with the following ALARM:

      Trigger when any of the following apply:

      Node name is equal to LA

      Node name is equal to NY

      Node name is equal to MX

      Trigger alert when ALL the folowing apply

      Average response time is greater than 75

      Check every 1 minute and Trigger if condition exists for more than 2 minutes

      Reset when no longer TRUE

      I keep getting ALARMS when the AVG Response time is less than 75:

      Node LA has an average response time of 71msms which falls above the 75ms threshold.

      I also get these alerts for servers as well, even though they are not defined in the Trigger rule.

      I took the provided "High response time monitoring" to create my alert.

      As you will notice the alert shows 71msms.  In the alert "$(Node.AVGResponseTime)ms" is listed. But yet, when I look at the Database, the value is a number, so why am I showing msms, when only 1 ms is listed?

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          The way the alert is currently configured it is triggered if the node name is LA, NY,  MX OR average response time is greater than 75.  So you should be getting alerts for LA, NY and MX no matter what the average respone time is.  You should also get alerts for any other node that has an average response time greater than 75.  Try configuring your alert triggers as shown in the screen shot below. 

          Also, you are getting 71msms because the alert does some autoformatting for you.  It automatically adds ms when you use the $(Node.AVGResponseTime) variable.  So if you remove the ms after the variable in your alert message then it should come out as 71ms.