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    Backuping Orion


      Please, tell me which the best practice to backup Orion NPM 9.5 and APM 3.0 everyday.

      Is there any way to restore a previous Orion configuration if I made any installation mistake ?

      I want know what I need to do to restore only Orion NPM and APM in my server .

      Is there any document (report) showing Orion's backup best practices ?


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          I will let others chime in here as well, but a couple things to start with.  Make sure your DB is backed up, the maps now live in the DB as well with 9.5.  You will want to back up the reports folder on the file system and also you can run the Web Configuration Backup utility we ship with under Advanced Features

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            For more information about:

            You will want to create a backup copy of your Reports folder (default location C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion\Reports\) if you have created or customized any Orion reports.

            As for APM, all scripts you have used, created, or customized are stored in the Orion database, but, if any of your APM scripts call other scripts or objects, you will need to consider creating backups of those as well to ensure full functionality.