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    SQL database limit in Orion NPM

      I currently have NPM version 8.5.1 running on a Dell 2950 RAID-5 with 16GB RAM on a dual processors quad cores system, Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 2 and latest patches.  I am using Microsoft SQL server 2000 Enterprise Server with Service Pack 4.  I am collecting data from about 100 devices.  This is a legacy system from a company that I am helping out from time to time.  There is no support on the NPM because the customer is moving from Solarwind over to Open-source NAV.  There are still people in the company who likes the windows platform, guess old habits die hard.

      What I noticed over the past week is that the performance on the NPM is very slow and sometimes I could not even open the Solarwind System Manager.  It hung at "opening Orion database".  I am only using about 3GB of RAM so I have about 13GB of free RAM.  I noticed that the NetPerform database size is about 40GB.  At that point, I could no longer collect data.  The only way to fix this is restart Microsoft SQL Server.  The problem goes away for a couple days and then come back on its ugly head.

      my question is this:  how big can the NetPerform database get before I start running into issues?  Upgrading to version 9.5 SP4 is NOT an option.  Thanks.