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    Trying to backup 3Com SuperStack3


      The command to backup up these devices is pretty simple, system backup save

      and then tftp server, filename, notes.

      I've been trying to edit a custom device script, but it is a little tough to debug.

      Is there a way to find out what Device.Backup.Running Config does step-by-step so I can fix the correct functions from the template?

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          Hi Ron,

          The Device.Backup.Running Config activity works by issuing a command to generate the config to the terminal which we then capture and compare. It isn't designed to copy files via TFTP.

          In 3.4 we added an activity Device.Backup.TFTP for several Cisco devices, it may be possible to extend this to work for you custom script.

          Does you script log into the device OK?

          Can you send me a PuTTY capture of you logging in and doing the TFTP manually (*** out any sensitive data) and I may be able to attach some function code to do this. (No promises, but I'll have a look.)

          Kind regards,


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              I realized the TFTP was likely the right choice, but there was no example to go off of at all in that case.

              Here is the log. One page is duplicated in the log, I think that was just a refresh.

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                  Is there a command template available for this?

                  I've got several legacy 3com switches that I'd like to be able to back up.  They all use this same CLI.

                  Thanks in advance!

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                      Steve Welsh

                      I've just taken a look at our 3Com.Switch.SSII device script for the Device.Backup.Running Config activity and it appears in this, we create the backup text file by issuing a series of commands to display data to the terminal window.

                      It may be worth trying the 3Com.Switch.SSII device type with your SS3's to see if you get any success.  Here are the commands that are issued:

                      • bridge display
                      • bridge multicastFiltering routerPort list
                      • bridge port address list all
                      • bridge port summary all
                      • ethernet summary all
                      • feature resilience detail
                      • feature trunk summary
                      • ip interface display
                      • snmp trap display
                      • system display
                      • system inventory
                      • system module display
                      • system security access display
                      • system security user display
                      If this doesn't work (or it doesn't provide you with a full config, reloadable to the device), then you may want to look at using the 'Device.CLI.Send Commands' activity to see if you can send the necessary commands to back-up via the TFTP method instead.
                      The only problem with the 'Device.CLI.Send Commands' method, is you don't get the comparison reports (Diff reports) generated.
                      Please let me know how you get on.