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    Need URL for alert ack

      I have a script that automatically acknowledges our Solarwinds alerts when we reply to the alerts by email, but after I upgraded my script no longer works.  I was wondering if I could get a URL construct I can used to post alerts acknowledgements via http post to my v9.5 sp5 installation of Orion NPM. 

      I send the following information from Solarwinds for use by the script to acknowledge the alerts properly if someone emails a reply with 'ack' in the message body:

      "Severity=1 | AlertGUID=bd072c50-cc34-48d5-9a37-0ff02afeebc8 | NodeID=1618 | Alert=NODE DOWN | Nodename=OSISDTRSM1 | IP= | Ack=Acknowledged | MonitoringAlert" 

      I am desperately hoping I can continue to acknowledge alert via an http post to Orion from by script.  Can someone please help me with this?