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    Custom Traceroute Options???

      Is there a way to set any of the following fields for doing a custom traceroute in the engineer's Toolset?

      • TCP port and the sequence number
      • MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) to test the maximum packet size along a path
      • TCP window size
      • Creating a custom signature file in the data payload to trigger an IDS or firewall response/log

      I know these options are available in some other tools.

      Thanks to advise.

        • Re: Custom Traceroute Options???

          The TraceRoute functionality in Workspace Studio will allow you to set the payload for the ICMP packets that are sent.  In the application's main settings dialog, choose ICMP, and set the payload to whatever you need.  This should cover MTU testing and IDS / firewall.

          However, the Toolset's TraceRoute is based on varying the TTL for an ICMP echo request packet, meaning that the TCP port, sequence number, and TCP window size are irrelevant for our particular implementation.  Hope this helps.