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    Query on Microsoft Windows monitor

      I use the monitor "Microsoft Windows" to monitor a AD Domain Controller server (in another Domain other than the existing one ipMonitor is installed).

      Correct domain admin is used and I can verify all the Windows Performance Counters inside the "Microsoft Windows" monitor.

      All the counters returned correct values and under thresholds.

      But the monitor keep return "Lost" result with msg "Unable to connect to the remote device; rtt: xxxxms" where xxxx ranged from 5000-7000.

      I've checked the Windows Event Log on both the ipMonitor server and the target AD Domain Controller server, no warnings or errors.


      Do anyone have any advice or similar experience before ?



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          Hello stevenchow,

          In order to monitor a resource over WMI/RPC on a domain other than the one ipMonitor is on, you will need to use one of 2 solutions:

          A. Replicate a local account on the ipMonitor system and the remote system you are attempting to monitor.  More on this is found here:



          B. Use a Credential that uses NTLM Authentication.  Here's how:

          1. Go to Configuration tab.
          2. Click "Credential List"
          3. Click New Credential
          4. Configure the Credential as follows
            • For account name, give it "domain\account"
            • Enter and confirm the password for this account.
            • Check the following boxes:
              • May be used with NTLM Authentication Schemes (Windows NT Lan Manager)
          5. Click OK.
          6. Now assign this new Credential to the Windows Monitor and click "Force Test".

          Does A or B help?

          Let me know,

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