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    Embedded Web display

      Is it possible to create a web link in a view that will actually display the web site in the view? Simlilar to how the US radar appears in the NPM demo. I can make it work with a custom HTML field but when I update the website i need to update the HTML text as well which is annoying especially as I have hundreds of defined views. Is it possible to link the URL directly and still have it display on the View?





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          You can also look at having a linked background in Network Atlas and display that as a map

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            This may not be exactly what you need, as it is creating a view of a specific website, accessible from the menu bar, but it may help:

            From the SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor Administrator Guide:

            Creating and Editing External Website Views
            With the external website view feature, any Orion NPM administrator can select any external website and designate it as an Orion Web Console view, as shown in the following procedure.
            To create or edit an external website view in the web console:
            1. Click Admin in the Views toolbar.
            2. Click External Websites in the Customize grouping of the Orion Website Administration page.
            3. If you want to delete an existing external website, click Delete next to the website you want to delete, and then click OK to confirm the deletion.
            4. If you want to add a new external website, click Add.
            5. If you want to edit an existing external website, click Edit next to the name of the website you want to edit.
            6. Provide a Menu Title for the external website to display in the Views toolbar.
            7. If you want to include a heading within the view, provide an optional Page Title to display within the view.
            8. Provide the URL of the external website, in http://domain_name format.
            9. Click OK.
            10. Click Preview to view the external website as the web console will display it.

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                Concerning the External Website Views, how can I configure the menu bar link so that the external website is opened in a new page/tab outside of the Orion frame?  I added a link to our menu bar but the web app does not function well in the Orion frame and I'd like the link to just launch a new page.