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    Filter Nodes (SQL) by IP address or Node Name


      Hello everyone,

      Version: NPM 9.5 SP2

      I am hoping for a way to create a page that displays only 5 or 6 specific nodes that I can specify by name or IP.  We have some intermittent production issues and instead of looking up each individually it would be very helpful to have them all displayed on one page at one time for comparison and nothing else. 

      So far I have been working to create this page and placed an "All Nodes - Tree" on the page.  There is a SQL section to sort, I assume I could run a SQL query by IP or name 5 or 6 different times so each is displayed, etc. 

      Also, if I can get these nodes on the same page, is there any way to customize the view to show the gauges for each or anything like that (to save the actual drill down for that info).