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    Recover Network Atlas data from old NetPerfMon DB

      I inherited a "broken" NPM 9.5 installation with the major issue being a corrupted NetPerfMon DB.

      Their servers were underpowered:

      The Main NPM server was running about 6000 Elements, 4200 APM Components, NTA, Network Atlas, and VoIP 2.5 on a dual-core Server 2003 x32 with 4GB of RAM in a VMWare instance.

      The SQL Server was the same machine setup, but it was also hosting several other SQL DBs. The average disk queue length was typically WELL over 2 and spiking as high as 150-200 just opening Network Trends. Certainly, the corrupted DB didn't help that.

      SOOO, I reinstalled and relicensed their installation on Server 2008 x64 with 8GB of RAM, built a new DB on a new server with NO other DBs running, assigned most of their nodes to a 2nd Poller, and set up an Additional Web Server.

      It runs very well now.

      The "old" system had a very detailed map overlaid on a live weather map that actually ran fine and appeared NOT to have been affected by the issues with the old NetPerfMon DB. Since it represents many weeks of work, I'd like to try and recover that data and import it to the new DB on the new SQL Server.

      One approach I considered was getting an eval license for the "old" NPM server, attach to the old corrupted DB, and export the map data, and import it to the new DB. Don't know if that's even advisable as it could cause issues, but my feeling is that the map data was NOT itself corrupted, so it may be "safe".

      Thoughts? Suggestions? Scornful laughter?