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    How to massive update network port threshold parameters?

      I'm just started using ipMonitor and add two core network switches to monitor.

      It monitors over 60 giga ports with the default threshold (ie. 11250kbps, 8750kbp) which give us a lot of false alarm.

      How can I change all 60 monitors (giga ports) with a new set of threshold (ie. 700,000 & 500,000) ?

      ie. without change individual monitor 60 times.


      Many thanks.

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          Good day stevenchow,

          In order to change the threshold values for multiple Bandwidth Monitors, simply use the Mass-Edit Feature.  Here's what you would do:

          1. Go to the Devices.
          2. On the grey bar, click "Edit -> Mass Edit -> Monitor Properties"
          3. Use the following parameters:
            • Start with: No Monitors
            • SmartGroup Filter Rules
              1. Add Monitors where 'property' 'Type' (Object Type) Matches regular expression: "bandwidth"
            • Replace Using Change Rules
              1. Replace "Last Value Maximum Threshold" by 'Overwrite'.  Replace with 700000
              2. Replace "Maximum Threshold" by Overwrite. Replace with 500000.

          Note: If you do not wish to edit all of your bandwidth Monitors, set the SmartGroup Filter Rules accordingly.

          Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this.


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            Thanks for this update; it was helpful.

            The product's default thresholds probably should be changed.  We have hundreds of gigabit NIC ports on high performance edge and core switches all configured with low, low thresholds.