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    Windows Event Log Forwarder Issue


      One of our clients has an issue with the Windows Event Log Forwarder as below:

      Log Forwarder doesn’t pick up some MSSQLServer events from Event Log

      No events of any type are being displayed in Log Forwarder from the MSSQLServer source, for these categories:
      • (2): “Server”
      • (6): “Backup”

      However, events in both these categories are displayed from the MSSQL$BKUPEXEC source. Also, “Backup” events from MSSQLServer are displayed OK by Log Forwarder on the other test server. (Both are running v1.1, downloaded this week.)

      (I can confirm the “missing” events are not appearing at the other end either, i.e. Syslog Viewer on the Orion server.)

      Have tried to get assistance by logging a Support Ticket, but were told that they did not support the configuration of the Event Log Forwarder tool.

      Any help would be gratefully appreciated.