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    Inverse a monitor - "Fail" when a condition is met


      I have a few windows services that by policy should never be running.  I'd like to monitor them such that when a service is stopped, the monitor is green.  If the service ever starts, I'd like to get alerted as I would if something else went down.

      Also if possible, I'd like to have a monitor alert me only if the free space on a disk volume is ever *greater* than, for example, 10GB.

      Doable?  I'm still running 9.

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          Hello Seigniory,

          For your Service question, in theory, this should be possible using a Custom SNMP Monitor.  Here's what you would do:

          1. Click Device
          2. Go to All Managed Devices.
          3. Select the Device that has the Service Monitors
          4. Click "Add -> Add New Monitor"
          5. On the left-hand side, click "SNMP"
          6. On the right-hand side, click "Custom SNMP (Wizard)".
          7. Ensure the Address and SNMP Community name are correct and enter the following OID:
          8. Click "Next".
          9. This should provide you with a table of all Active services.  I forgot to mention that you will need to start the service in order to see it here.

          10. Under the "svSvcOperatingState" column, click the entry for the service in question and click 'next'.
          11. Under Comparison Rules, select "Fail if Value is one of the following checked values" and check all boxes.
          12. Click 'Next'

          The Monitor should now fail if the Service is either Active(1), Continue-Pending(2), Pause-Pending(3) or  Paused(4).

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            For your Free Drive Space question, you would use a similar method.  The only problem is that the Host-MIB does not provide free space.  It provides Total Space and used Space.  On the other hand, the Informant MIB provides Free Megabytes (see http://ipmsupport.solarwinds.com/mibs/INFORMANT-STD/item.aspx?id=lDiskFreeMegabytes).  Here's what you would need to do:

            1. Download and SNMP Informant Standard on the remote system you wish to monitor from here:
            2. http://www.wtcs.org/informant/download.htm

            3. Go back to the Add New Monitor page and run the Custom SNMP (Wizard).
            4. Ensure that the address and Community name are correct and enter the following OID:
            5. Click 'Select' next to the drive you wish to monitor.
            6. For "Comparison Rules" select "Pass if Value matches a set of Boolean Rules" and set it to less than  10000
            7. Click 'Next'

            As a result, Monitor will only pass if FreeSpace on system is less than 10 000 Megabytes (approx 10 Gigs)