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    Feature Request - Node Caption/Node Name Updates with DNS/System/Device name changes

      We came across this issue the other day and part of the problem is that the few SW techs that I spoke with did not know how this worked either, but here is the jist of what we have found and what we would like to see.

      It seems that the Node Name/Caption (displayed at the top of the Node Details view) does not change/update automatically if the devices name, system name, or DNS name changes.  It seems this is only updated if you do so manually or if you blank it out manually.

      I can see where in some cases you might want the Node Name to be manually set, but it 'most' cases I believe it would be preferable to keep this value the same as either the system/device name or DNS name.  To that ends, we would like to see an additional option (checkbox or whatever) on the Edit Node page (and Add Node page) that can be selected to indicate to Orion that the Node Name/Caption should be updated/synched with the DNS/System/Device name.

      Thank you for your consideration.