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    Custom Poller Graphs not showing



      I have downloaded .undp file from content exchange section for juniper netscreen firewall  and snmp is working fine but in .undp file netscreen CPU utilization,netscreen current session,netscreen maximum sessions parameter values are not showing when i click on my netscreen firewall.

      Can some one help me how to show these values when i click on my netscreen firewalls.

      Specifically i have downloaded from here Juniper Netscreen


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          I don't have NetScreen to test with this .undp file but I'll ask some generic questions related to all UnDP poller. I assume you've already imported the .undp file? If so, have you assigned them to the appropriate nodes, in this case, the NetScreen firewalls? Finally, for Web Display, simply make sure you have checked Yes to "display the results on your Orion website".