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    Bidirectional Flow Monitoring


      Is there a way to display flow information regarding data in to and out of a particular monitored interface?  For example, I would like to view the sampled flows from a particular host connected to a switch interface.  When I search for that host, the list of endpoints and interfaces the host is seen on shows up, and I select the switch interface the host is directly connected to.  The problem is the results only show flow data for packets transmitted to the host (?) - one direction.  So looking at total traffic flow can be difficult as you need to look at multiple interfaces depending on what other hosts it is talking to.

      We are running NTA 3.5, and I am speaking in particular about Extreme switches.  For some reason my brain thinks I read something recently about support for bidirectional flow monitoring, but my brain also can not tell me where I read this or what it was in regards to (SW or Extreme).

      Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.