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    IPAM Licensing - "Reserved" Issue.


      Before I open a ticket I thought I'd check here first to see if there is a way to fix it.

      I have IPAM with a 1000 IP license.  Imagine my shock when I ran out of licenses less than half way through setup.  We actually have about 200 IPs in use.. so what gives?!

      Well... when I created several subnets with /30 blocks IPAM set the first and last IP of each block to Reserved consuming 2 licenses.  In fact for EVERY block I've created it sets the first and last IP as Reserved. These are IPs that are consuming licenses that are not even usable in the first place.  So, if I manage 100 class C's and buy a 1000 IP license you are actually only able to manage 800 IPs??  If you subnet further the picture gets even worse.  Obviously a flaw here.

      So, now that I have all these many blocks with Reserved's in them... how can I export a single spreadsheet and set them all to Available?  When I tried I got a spreadsheet for each /30 block.  Not fun.