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    SwitchPort Mapper


      In Switchport mapper tool it don't found the VLAN information on every switchport.

      In my network normally we connect the devices throu VPN and its connect to customer JUMP starter box, then it will connect all other location devices, this is for global network. But this software don't work only it will get the information only jump starter box only.

      Any one can help for this solution ?

      Thanks & Regards,

      Hari.M CCIE#22157 R&S

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          Hi Hari  - I am not sure what you mean by the Jump starter box, but if we can talk SNMP directly to the machine, and the MIB views are not limiting us, and there is no @ sign in the community string, we should be able to get all the VLANs on a switch.

          What type of switch are you mapping? Are you using the SwitchPortMapper in the Workspace Studio, or are you using the classic version?


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              1. If i configured gi0/1 on switch port access vlan 101 in this tool it won't shows this port in that particular vlan.

              2. switch port mapper is using in classic version

              3. In our network we are not used @ sign in the community string.

              4. jump starter box: Normally in our company connects to customer network throu vpn to customer network core device. In that customer core devices connects so many devices.  for example first connect  telnet this is core devices then only i have to connect the below devices throu this device. Directly i can't able to connect the trees of devices. In our tool this featuires as not support.

              Thank you for ur quick reply.

              Hari CCIE#22157 R&S

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                  Hari - can you try the SwitchPortMapper in the Workspace Studio?

                  We are only going to see ports which are actively bridging (entries are present in the bridge-mib), is there anything plugged in to gi0/1?


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                      Thanks for your email.

                      1. In this tool can we able to view the spanning tree protocol list. for example which is running on this port pvst or MST like that.

                      2. In my network i want to view the Cisco IOS version, Memory, NVRAM,Ram, Image stored Location path,BOOTLDR,serial number,Model Number, System image file location
                      in a single

                      for example - -- > ip range function 100 devices it shows in a single document.

                      I tried with Optius it's there in this tool, can we get this in solarwinds?

                      Hari. M CCIE#22157 R&S