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    Question About the Capabilities of NPM


      We use Orion - Network Performance for a lot of our monitoring and I feel as though we may not use the full potential of the product. Recently, someone in my group found an open source prodcut called Nedi - Im sure some of you may know of it.

      Nedi is network reporting/monitoring open source application. Apparently, in Nedi there is a feature that allows you to keep track of switch interfaces of when they were last used. This is a valuable tool in the fact that if you want to clean up an IDF - which in our case is what we want to do - you are able to have a better understanding of when the ports were last used. Giving you the option to shut the ports down increasing security and remove any unnecessary cabling, etc.

      So my question to put out there is. Does Network Performance Monitor give me the ability to keep track of this type of activity?

      Thanks in Advance