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    Tabular Table Labels - Possible Bug


      Ok, Maybe I am doing something wrong or I found a bug when setting the Label column of a Tabular Table.

      We have numerous ESX servers and I want to monitor Temperature.  I created all the pollers as tables to gather all the data I need (Temp, Condition, Locale, and Threshold).  Everything I want to display the Enumeration table data instead of the number is correct (all values were set by default by Solar Winds in the Enumeration table and verified).

      I want the Locale column to be the label but it displays a 6 instead of CPU, but I can put the "Locale" column anywhere else in the table and it displays CPU.

      When I  goto change the label properties of "Locale" in the Poller manager, I choose "Use labels from a table column", choose one of our ESX servers, hit test, and select the "Locale" column (although it shows numbers from data polled from that ESX server).

      What could I be doing wrong, as the row labels are only showing numbers,


      I want

      Locale - Label  Temp  Threshold Condition

      CPU                   25          34          OK

      I am getting:

      Locale - Label  Temp  Threshold Condition

      6                       25          34          OK


      As I stated I can display the "Locale" column in any place but the label and get "CPU" returned


      Snapshot as you can see I put the "Locale" column in twice to show what is happening: