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    Netflow in one direction on 6500's

      There was a similar post but no configs were posted.

      I am collecting netflow data from 6500's and 3845's. The 3845's are sending netflow from inbound and outbound on the interfaces.

      The 6500's are inbound only. The configuration is much the same so it must be something deeper than that.

      Here is the 6500 config that is the same on the 3845's

      interface Vlan32
       description VOICE
       bandwidth 1000000
       ip address
       ip access-group VOICE_32_ACL_IN in
       ip helper-address x.20.120.101
       no ip redirects
       no ip unreachables
       no ip proxy-arp
       ip flow ingress
       ip flow egress
       standby 32 ip x.20.32.1
       standby 32 timers msec 300 1
       standby 32 priority 255
       standby 32 preempt
       standby 32 authentication md5 key-string 

       no mop enabled

      mls ip slb purge global
      mls netflow interface
      no mls flow ip
      no mls flow ipv6
      no mls qos rewrite ip dscp
      mls qos marking ignore port-trust
      mls qos
      no mls rate-limit unicast acl vacl-log
      mls cef error action reset

      mls netflow interface
      ip flow-export source Loopback0
      ip flow-export version 5
      ip flow-export destination x.x.120.120 9996


      Does anyone have any ideas why this is please?